Headteacher's Award

Dave Woody

Well-known member
40cm x 30cm acrylic on paper.

Just, for no reason, I did this, framed it and handed it to my sons' school.

He has received numerous Head Teacher awards himself, so I thought it
might be fun to applaude Headteacher, Mrs Searle and all the staff at his school
like this.
Very thoughtful and I’m sure the painting was very much appreciated....teachers are very deserving of applause 🙂
Sounds like my art too. I'm sure it's appreciated by most of the facility. It's really cool.
I received this reply by email from Kate Searle, the Headteacher.

It reads (edited by me)....
"Thank you for the Fabulous artwork, it has really lifted us. It is going to take
pride of place in the entrance hall where all can see. It cannot be underestimated
how much your thoughtfulness is appreciated."