Hamlet Path With Light Snow - Sketch


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I think this is based on a Google view from the VirtualPaintout.
I was practicing drawing with only black and white charcoal on a piece of brown Kraft paper.


I wish the Kraft paper was more 'archival' because I like the brown color so much.

C&C of course
I agree with your opinion on kraft paper, both on the color and lack of archivalness. I avoid it.
Love your drawing, in our last quest to the city I bought a can of fixative (I was all out), so I have no excuse anymore, I will dig up my charcoals and get dirty.
Wonderful drawing. It reminds me a little bit of Van Gogh's drawings. I also appreciate the brown of the Kraft paper. I like the look of it a lot.

You can also get archival spray. I have some but I've only used it once. I forgot if you spray it on before or after you create the art on the paper/surface though.
yes Artyczar, I too had thought of Vincent.

on paper, as Snoball and Artyczar say, yeah
I only tried one brand, 3 album sheets of 25 or 30 sheets, so I only know canson album miteintes, I liked it, I bought it looking for charcoal paper, then I didn't use the charcoal anymore and in any case I was sorry using this album, better paper intimidates me or I don't decide how to use it. but sooner or later I try it again.
album è mi teintes earth-colored, they are different shades, there is also gray, I had found this. (I read that they are also loose paper, in many ways or colors, not just albums, I have a4, there is a3)
actually before trying it again i wanted to try cheaper paper, kraft, but i didn't find it to draw, (apart from a cheap kraft a5 album i bought, but it's streaked, rough (
but I got them other colored sheets to use. when i got sketchbook, i was looking for what this has 30 yellow sheets,
i also liked it for it, it has yellow notebooks, it is smaller than a5
Many thanks Arty, Joe and Sno; (Drums, Piano and Vocal) ! . .

Sorry, I thought it was funny the way it kinda rhymed