I did this last October (when the Chinese communist party was still hiding a few uncontrollable viruses from the rest of the world).
Anyways, this acrylics and some touched of black ink here and there on paper.
I think it’s roughly 16”X13”.
Wow! It's great! It's so alluring, like scary and innocent at the same time. Really cool. ❤
The "scary" faces behind the crouching girl. Are they coming to get her or is this her reflection on Halloween and her smile shows the joy in that time. For the viewer to decide, I guess, but the colour suggests the latter. I see the girl smiling, but the crouching posture reminds me of a gargoyle! Obviously an over-suggestive mind. Very well done, Nufocus.

Trick-or-Treat can be a nightmare for some. Turn off the light and crouch in the corner like something small, dark and feral.
Thank you kindly, everyone.
Iain, special thanks. Yes, your alternative interpretations are spot on.
I posted this one just about a year ago….
Seeing that it is this time of year again I am adding a few words here with the hope that the jump will bring more eyes to it. Thank you everyone for looking!
So interesting! I agree with the scary/innocent comparison, as if we never know what is lurking behind the scenes.