Growth plan for Creative Spark

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Hi, it's nice to see people coming from other forums and enjoying Creative Spark. :)

It's important to remember though, that Creative Spark is not Wet Canvas. It is its own animal. It isn't intended to replace any other forums or websites, and there are no plans to develop it in any other forum or website's image.

It's lovely that many of you have suggestions for new forums or for how you might like to see things done. We love seeing an engaged membership. But we're asking you to put a pin in those ideas for the time being.

There are only a couple hundred members here. That is nowhere near enough to start adding new forums. The best forums grow organically. If we see dozens of posts about a specific topic, then a new forum may be justified. But for now, we want to avoid the scenario where we give everyone what they want only to wind up with 100 forums with only one or two posts each. That turns off potential members, and it's really not a great way to grow a community.

This doesn't mean that no community input will ever be welcome, that's certainly not the case. But we feel like we're jumping the gun a little bit here, so we need to slow things down a bit and work with what we have for now and let things take their natural course. :giggle:

Otherwise, we might wind up like this...


You can discuss this post in the Growth plan for Creative Spark [discussion] thread. Thanks!
Not open for further replies.