Growth plan for Creative Spark [discussion]

I am just so thrilled and grateful that CS is here, and do not expect it to be a clone of any other forum. Obviously, the mods and creators know what works best here and I am sure there will be trial, error, and changes . I did not realize there were only a few hundred members, as some forums have a fair amount of participation.
One wee suggestion I had was arranging the forum names under a general heading, such as "Media & Technique" and "Genre & Style" alphabetically. But perhaps there is a reason why TPTB have ordered them seemingly at random.
Thanks for your feedback Joy. We are gladful for your gratefulness! ;)

Thanks for the suggestions. The mediums and genres aren't exactly random, but I'll consider alphabetizing them. It took me a long time to decide on their order, as I gathered them together in their likeness/closeness to one another.

What is TPTB?
What is TPTB?
The powers that be.

The only real thing Ive found confusing about the forums and this is the same with wet canvas is the overlap with the media forums and the genre forums. I'm never really sure which is best to post my artwork in.
Personally, I think it's a matter of decision making. I often feel that way too. Sometimes you can cross-post. That is perfectly fine. I think more people will see the work that way, and maybe you can get more feedback (don't be shy about that). I think it's good for us. Ya know?

Like, sometimes I have a work in progress that might be a landscape (though it could also be an abstract too--what to do?), but it's done in watercolor, so I'll post it in Watercolor until it's finished. Then I'll have to figure out where to post it in the Style & Genre. A conundrum, but there needs to be something for everyone. Everyone wants more. Some people want less. Can't make everyone happy, but you have to try and do your best. That's all we're trying to do.
35 forum rooms would contain almost anything. Next months can show if there is need for any change.