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I will stop visiting these forums. Nothing as drastic as deleting my account, I do like to allow myself the possibility to change my mind in the future.
I had actually been gathering some courage to show some of my amateuristic work here, I am not very confident about my abilities. But I am afraid some recent incident here quite soured my forum experience.
A line was crossed to a point that I really don't want to have anything to do with the person involved, the crowd here is so small that leaving the forum is the simplest way to achieve that.
For me everything to do with art, be it making it, or participating in discussions on forums like these should be fun, and give me energy. Especially because it is 'just' a hobby for me. And sadly the fun got sucked out of it.
So to everybody who do make this a very friendly hangout, goodbye, and maybe see you later.
I, for one, am sorry to see you go, I hope you will be able to return soon. It’s important to be aware of our feelings and act in our best interest as we see fit. Do take care, and come back soon.
E.J.H. I too, am sad to see you go. I really hope nothing I said soured you on the forum. You're right, it is a small forum and more like family than a community. I hope you see fit to come back from time to time. 🤞
I always wonder why people bring attention to themselves or their plight/concern by announcing they are 'leaving' a forum... Now, I have no idea what happened, but why would you leave, or bring negative attention to yourself? Instead, just call the person out on their apparent misdeed... You can do it privately if you wish, and then if they get stupid about it, at that point go ahead and make it public.

Do you like it here? Then stay... Buck up to the jerk..
I am sorry you feel this way EJH. And am sorry you are leaving. There are not many active members here, so now we are shrinking, but it is what it is. As I've told you, I am so sorry about not deleting the post you saw in a timely manner, but I can only do so much. I can only control so much and I am just sorry about the whole thing. Everyone has a right to their opinions, and I mean that toward you. You should not be attacked or be called named for having yours. I hope you reconsider and come back. We would love to see more of your work.
EJH, I hope you change your decision,
and that you will be happy to post part of the work,
I am convinced that seeing your work is something that pleases you, that you do it with passion and pleasure for art,
and in any case this is already a beautiful thing that does you honor,
and then on the forum (that is, years ago I was looking for forums like this because it is a way to be in contact with those who have the same passion and we can ask for a comparison opinion,) and there are talented artists who encourage, encourage to create, in any case I hope that you do not lose interest, passion and fun for art (which I believe are the most important and positive things in this discipline)
Well, that has me worried that it may have been something that I said that offended you. I am certainly one of the least tactful, or diplomatic persons to frequent these art sites, but I surely would not want to offend anyone by something that I said. If it was I who mis-spoke, I would like to apologize to you. (hoping that it wasn't I.). And, although I am a realistic painter, I also enjoy painting very abstract, and surrealistic subjects. I would like to see your abstract works.
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Oh wow....I am possibly the most 'amateur' painter here, but they would have to
ban me or pay me to stop posting my rough stuff.

not knowing the details of your decision to leave the forum, I would be interested
to see them in a painting.
Well, actually happy to say, storm in a glass of water.
I was contacted, communication was established, found out there were some misunderstandings and -interpretations going on.
Apologies were made for too harsh words spoken, air was cleared.
Must admit my own (over)reaction to the situation was probably influenced by the lambing time effect, I am rather tired these days, probably a bit rawer nerves than usual🥴
I am happy to hear that the situation has been resolved and that we will not lose you from our intimate little family. Please keep posting and enjoy yourself here.
Wonderful-I’m glad the healing what’s occurred and you’re still here . I’m a beginner myself, so glad to have company.