Goldenrod In Field


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An early effort in pastel. Location, just up the road from my Ohio home.
Pastel on paper 10 x 13 in


Any advice appreciated, C&C of course
Good work! The only suggestion I would have (since I don't work in pastels) would be to try to get some more lighter, yellowish greens for highlights on the trees. Well done though. (y)
It's wonderful. What a nice mood. I would get some light (maybe white) in those trees. And also what Sno said. ;)
Keep that crap away from me. I have rag-weed/goldenrod hay fever. Actually... I've largely outgrown it. Just a little runny nose and sneezing at the peak in August. At the worst... during my late teens... I'd sneeze so long and hard when I woke up that I'd get a bloody nose and my eyes would swell up so much I couldn't see and would have to place washcloths with cool water over them.

Besides that, nice work. It actually reminds me of the way Rubens or Titian would handle the landscape backgrounds in their paintings. Is the paper toned?
Thank you all for the interest and comments, much appreciated.. Sorry that this reply is tardy, but I was out of action again for a bit.

Sno , Arty and Desforges -
I followed your helpful suggestions to an extent that hopefully was not overdoing it.

I was hesitant to go further because it looked like I might be losing that sort of soft golden glow of a hazy day and making it too sharp and bright, if you see what I mean. I could go further, but I find it is so hard to ‘back up’ or erase in pastel that I didn’t want to go too far, and I did not try to correct the shaky strokes on the tree trunk for fear of making it worse.
Those factors are why I rarely use pastel; that, and the dust.

Should I go even further with something?

stlukesguild -
Yeah, I have an idea of what that allergy does; my brother and now my grandson have it much to your degree, but at least now there are such things as anti-histamines for my grandson. A miserable state to be in.
I give heavy weight to your comments, and am greatly pleased that you approve of the piece.
Since you have probably done more square footage of pastels than anybody, I wonder how you would do major surgery to this one, such as removing or covering a big tree and putting a shed or house in its place?

This pastel is on the smooth side of a Mi-Teintes paper toned a light beige.

ntl and joe1lt -
Glad that you like it. I don’t know if I ‘improved’ the sky in the revised version or not.
For large-scale edits, I simply paint over the area with a very matte acrylic paint that is similar in color to the color of the paper. After doing this on a number of paintings early on, I now prime the entire surface with such acrylic which allows for multiple erasures and painting out "mistakes" without these areas appearing different from the rest of the surface. Of course, I'm working on a large scale. A smaller pastel surface might work differently.
I think it's a lot better! I'm not going to make you put white in the trees...maybe it would ruin it, I don't know. I like it as it is now. I especially love the yellow flowers, which I didn't notice before you put the light greens there.
My apologies PSA and Laf, somehow I missed the fact that I had not replied to your nice comments; I must be getting old or something.
Thank you both.