Golden Open Acrylics


I'd mentioned in another thread that I bought a set of Golden Open Acrylics and I've been using them today. I've always hated working with acrylics because they dry way too fast for me. I am really liking these--a lot! I don't know to what extent I will use these, but they are far and above the quality of any that I've used before. Thanks very much to musket for the suggestion. ❤️
Arty, you should check this out. I assume the info wasn't included with the set.

I don't know of any other company that offers such comprehensive technical info about all their products. I started out using Liquitex, as well as an Australian brand called Jo Sonja, favored by bird carvers for its matte sheen (these paints were actually developed for tole painting), but once I discovered Golden I never looked back. They are quite simply the best.