Girls Out Dancin'

Dave Woody

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You were "on form" with this one, Dave, I think. The perspective and the gestures of the dancing girls is spot on. Not to mention, the line drawing and the colour. No, on fire, man. Huge thanks for such a massive thumbs up.
The gestures that you mention that you see in this picture.....?......
......surreal that you refer to them and extremely insightful .... remind me to tell you why.
Great job on this one Dave. The outlining adds polish to the painting. (y)
Love it😍 Glad we just danced round our handbags - least we danced to the same music
Thanks for the replies everyone....I did paint handbags in, at one point...but painted them out again.

I have made the girls a bit more tactile, lumpy, paintBumpy...
....yep...and as artyczar noted, the 'these days' element is the value, not my brushstrokes.