Fruit Plate


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This is a painting that I did on an 11" x 14" stretched canvas. I applied several coats of very thinned, acrylic primer, sanding after each 3 applications, in order to decrease the effect of the canvas weave to some extent. If you want to totally obliterate the texture of the canvas by applying enough coats of acrylic primer, you can, but with such a smooth surface, you may just as well use a nice thin sheet of hardboard, because that is smooth, and you only need to apply enough acrylic primer to obliterate the color of the dark hardboard beneath it.

"Fruit Plate".....Oil on 11" x 14" stretched canvas

This is the final result of my glazing process, which I began by painting a very detailed, grisaille underpainting, over which I applied many thin glaze layers of colored oil paint. I've been using this process for years, for painting still-lifes, and flowers.

Sorry, but I do not have any work-up photos of this subject.