Free Art, Anyone?


So I'm going to start giving away pieces from my art collection. Yes, you read that right.

I'm going to mainly do it via my blog, but I thought I'd post my plans about it here. Soon, I will post one piece at a time and see who might be interested. I only ask that the work be fully appreciated and the shipping costs get covered. Also, patience. I'll be laid up for a long while (in three weeks from now), so I'll need some time to pack things up and ship them off. It's going to be a slow process.

I have a lot of art. Most of it is small, but I have a few medium/large pieces too. I'm not giving all of it away, but I have dreams of becoming a minimalist one day. I mean, sort of. I can't part with certain pieces of course. In fact, I have a small painting by Nufocus I would never part with in a million years.

Taking pictures of everything might also take time. That's why one piece at a time. Until then, I'm thinking of starting out with an Anne Grgich piece (an outsider artist), and a larger abstract painting by painter/designer Rob Abeyta Jr. I'll get some pictures soon.
These are older, smaller images of the two pieces I mentioned--until I get better ones. I'll shoot details, etc.

The Anne Grgich is entitled, Bucoda. It's acrylic, ink, wax, varnish, collage, and glue on paper, 11 x 8.5 inches. It's heavy(ish) and unframed.


The Rob Abeyta, Jr. painting is called, Melrose & Normandie. It's oil, gouache, and graphite on canvas, 36 x 36 inches. The canvas is 3/4 inches thick on the stretchers.

Last edited: much as I am interested in recieving and archiving some of your art collection,
I am concerned by your motions here.
Hi Arty, I've been keeping up with your blog and just wanted to wish you all the best for your upcoming surgery, hope the recovery goes smoothly and that you'll be really happy with the outcome🙂
Thank you so much laf! That is so sweet of you.

I am hoping Hannah will help me a bit taking care of the forum while I recover.
Yes, i also wish you luck with the surgery. If you are able to cycle, have access to an exercise bike, those few pounds could be shed with little more than 15/20 minutes of exercise per day.

I wonder if you could donate art to a local business. It would save the hassle of posting.

More bright ideas. have no doubt considered.
I underwent surgery aged thirteen. I had developed "lumps," which would be found to be benign. But anyhow, I had an allergic reaction to the anesthetic and was in and out of consciousness. When I finally awoke on the ward, I was being given a bed bath by a nurse who looked like an angel. In deed, it did feel like I was in heaven, until I turned and saw my parents. Another benign lump excised.
I didn't mean to laugh, but you were being funny, so there you have it. Sorry about the scare you had Iain.
Not at all. I was hoping for that reaction. You can't beat those woozy semiconscious states. If only they lasted!😁