Forgotten Place


I'm always wondering what I have and haven't posted, so I think I'll just start posting what I post on Instagram. If I know for sure I've posted it here, I won't post it, and of course, I'll do a search for it too.

This one is called "Forgotten Place" and was purchased by the Precision Cancer Center Building in San Francisco. It's oil on canvas and is 20 x 16 inches. It may be a little blurry. The paint is super thick, like most of my weird paintings.

Love it Arty. The little pink guy staring up at your signature daisy, and the texture making a pattern in the pink, yellow and the little white triangle. Good stuff. ❤️💞
I don't know how you made the association between a one-legged rabbit and a spindly flower - but you did and it's really charming.
Thank you so much Joe and sno. I don't know what's in my brain either Bongo, but I thank you for your nice words. :) ❤️
Besides the touching charm of the two figures, I get an overtone of spirituality from the large church window-like designs.