Flowers On A Table [4] and [5]




both studies are 11 x 14 oil on paper .. Alla Prima .. felt good yesterday so I got two off .. I think I am done with these but won't rule out a contemporary version. Thanks to all for the comments along the way. the first was about 20 minutes and the second I took a little more time and added things.
Has been nice to see this group of paintings. Nice greys with some suggestion of color. I like the top one for the reason that there's more deep dark and I find that gives space and helps with forms and color, I think.
In the lower one the paper 🗞️ roll is in same line with the top of the vase. Also the corner of the table/box is in the same point .. maybe you did it intentionally but I find it a bit distracting.
Nice work! The second one is particularly nice with those purple details around the edges of the paper towel roll and some other areas. I like that. The added blue is a pretty touch as well. Nice contract there. ♥️

You are so speedy with these. You are so prolific, it's kinda scary. :oops:
Thanks moscatel ... you were not supposed to notice. I forgot to put the wall in there and the roll went on forever ..
as for the point, yes, intentional .. something Cezanne used to keep the eye moving at the cost of perspective.

Thanks Arty .. I did the block in with a pink purple and then painted over it and not into it so some would show up at random and the edges would show .. I like the effect: glad you enjoy it as well. Most of my colors are chosen while I paint and relate to some rules about color. Sometimes. :)

Scary .. naw. I just like to paint and I have time. After all, they are only quick and dirty studies. Come to think of it the Group of Seven did very well making paintings that looked like studies. I keep the ones I think good but sometimes I see a picture of an old one I tossed and I realize: now I know more and it really wasn't bad. :mad:
I like them both, Wayne, but there's something special about the orange, blue and green combo. I also always like paintings of tubes of paint and paint brushes. Nice work, as always!
I love the second one - I like the play with the perspective, and it hits my experience of oil painting (you will need a never-ending supply of kitchen roll, and any loaded brush will manage to put paint on your walls regardless of proximity!).
Nice still life studies! I agree about the paper roll in the last one. Tangents are never good so try to avoid that if possible. Anyway, never mind me nitpicking. I think my favorite is the brush with blue loaded paint on it! So awesome! 💙
thank you Donna ..

thank you Triss .. yes for sure but it's only a study so I'll leave the paint on the brush for now ;)

Thanks Dm7 .. Tangents are a no no .. tangents are a no no .. tangents are a no no .. ok tangents are gone.
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Thanks for these details Wayne. I always appreciate them. I like learning more and more about your process. :)