Warmth On A Cold Day


Warm Back.jpg

11 x 14 inches .. oil on panel .. alla prima .... painted Feb 21/24
It was about -10f yesterday with the wind .. cold .....
Well thank you Sno. Simple is good. Life is far too complex: simple things around are cozy.
These flowers and their warm background are very much needed this time of year. I’m impressed with how a few details give the look of a cut crystal vase. Gorgeous!
Really like this piece. It has life in it! Particularly lovely especially at the end of winter when we are eagerly awaiting spring and flowers.
Thank you Donna .. yea, you don't need a lot but it's difficult to remember when you paint. :p

Thanks Boss .. we are in a cold spell here but it's to be expected so no biggie.
Gorgeous! Great palette here; I love these flowers against that background. ❤️

The cut glass vase is excellent. Great job!