Floral .... The Nighttime Rose

Charlie’s Mum (Maureen)

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A very quick painting in acrylic inks on black Canson paper, A5 ... done last month for the Plant Parade challenge in WetCanvas. About an hour, plus stops for drying!

That is just a very quick painting. Well I for one would like to see some of your work when you take your time.
Beautiful colours. Those flowers really stand out against that dark background. :)
Thank you all.
Steve … all my works in recent years have been done in around two hours … all for various challenges! Haven’t done a large, serious piece for a long time ….. just need to get inspired!😂
My goodness, that's fast! I admire that ability. When you do decide to take on something where you're going slower, you'll be a force of nature. :)

Great job.
Love the bright flower against the dark background. It makes a very dramatic painting.
Maureen, this turned out beautiful and as has been said the colours just work so well agains the dark background. Wonderful brushwork too!!

John :)
Beautiful colours, and really interesting to see how well acrylic inks work on black paper - very eye-catching result.
ooh love it. Maureen! is acrylic ink opaque enough to cover the black paper or do you put some kind of base coat under the painting? been having thoughts of trying something similar with a dip pen.