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No such plant, of course, but I imagined one.
There is a story of how this came about which I will set forth below the painting.
I recommend you skip the story if you have a low tolerance for foolishness.
18 x 27 ins acrylic/paper

The story:
One summer evening as I was watching the fireflies flashing on and off to attract one another, and also noticed the large number of bugs around the porch light, I wondered if there were any parallels in the plant kingdom regarding attracting insects with light.

The Venus flytrap came to mind as the only plant that attracted insects in order to devour them that I knew of. I know that the Venus fly trap uses a nectar or liquid to attract the bugs, and I wondered if nature, somehow or somewhere, had created a plant that would attract insects with light.

I speculated about where or when such an experiment by nature could have taken place, and I fancifully thought of some undiscovered exotic place here on earth, or on some other planet.

In keeping with my previous painting of 'Carrot Garden With Raptor Trees' on the imaginary planet of Zelda, I decided that that would be the logical place for such a development, as the laws of physics and botany were subject to manipulation and variation as you desire, on Zelda.

I decided that a Lily Blossom would be a good model for a insect trap, and that the petals and some leaves could light up in the night to attract insects.

This painting is supposed to show such a Lily at night giving off a flash to attract its prey. There are some more distant lilies in the background also giving off light.

You were warned.

This was also posted on WC, and it will be interesting to see the comparative receptions.
Comments & Critiques & whatever Welcomed.

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I don't know what I did wrong to have three images show instead of one. I guess it's better than none.
3 for emphasis. ;) Very interesting story and the painting illustrates it well. I see the light given off. Shouldn't there be a bug? :giggle:
Love it, and love the story too. I can take two of the images away. I'm the moderator after all. Such an important job here ya know. ;)

I like that it's painterly, and I like the bumpy ground part: the oval shapes below. The colors are good too, not too bright. I don't think you need bugs because no one knows of the story by looking at the painting. ;) (Unless you hung it with the story beside it.)
Ha ha love your story, I'm giggling as I type, so if there are typos that the reason😄
Fun painting, your style is instantly recognizable
Thanks for the comment snoball.
No, I'm not going to try to weasel out of the duplicate image mistake; I don't have enough credibility as yet to pull that one off!

As far as the bugs are concerned, I hope I left them all behind on the new WC site,(ha ha very funny and subtle)

Seriously, I did consider showing a bug or two, but that would emphasise the story rather than the painting itself as a work of art. (have I hit on a difference from an illustration?) There also would be the temptation to figure out how the Lily would kill and eat the bug, and make a painting of that

Sometimes I know when to quit

Thank you Arty.

Yes, I would like it if you removed 2 of the images, since you are a Mighty Moderator, and put the saved space to good use.

I appreciate your helpful observations re the painting itself, as that is where my heart is.

I wish you continued success here with this new site.

I like the movement here and I, too, am drawn to the red flower. Good work.

I was thinking the light points might be fire flies since they also flash even their eggs sometimes flash.
Thank you Trier. We're doing our best. Glad you like the site so far. :) Again, very nice painting.