Finally back!


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I’m glad to see you’re all still here so I could be, too! I ran into some health issues a while back, still working on them, and have completely changed My living situation, working on it, too. Lots of time consumed by both, and now I get to buy winter clothes... haven’t done that in years. Sweatshirts are no longer sweatshirts. I may buy a man’s shirt for what I want.
I finally did a couple of paintings, one Is even plain air!, and a couple of drawings. I will post them ASAP, I need instruction on getting them from camera to here.
You all have been busy, and now that I finally got logged in, I hope to respond to some of your wonderful pieces soon.
Welcome back and I hope we are all around here for a good long while. :giggle:
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Hi, and welcome back, I am rather new here, and you were probably active here before my arrival.
Looking forward to your work, gotten interested in plein air lately (great timing; the weather here is changing for the worst
Edit, yup, took a peak in your posts, you took your break shortly before I joined.
E.J.H., thanks! Welcome to you, too. I love painting outside (a beginner!), but now that I’m in Indiana, I won’t be doing much of that for a while, either. Still so much to do, I hope I have time to more than think about painting. Haven’t had time to check out the forums yet.

Hi, Bizzibee, thanks. Getting times coordinated is. A challenge. working on it!
Hi, glad to see you are back, I hope your health is improving. I understand those challenges. Very glad you are able to do your artwork!
There are some wonderful plein air painters I follow on Instagram. What strikes me is they really understand light and proper values. I understand the more you do the better you get, like anything else.🙂
Paint boss, thanks! My Health is improving, still a way to go. The computer may finally get put together, the paint supplies in their places, and I can get back to painting again. I think for the next several months my “plein air” paintings will be through windows Instead of “ in plain air!”

Trier, thanks! It’s just as challenging now as before, as I‘m sure you know. It does feel good to be interested again.