Field Memory

Donna T

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This is based on memory and wanting to see if I could paint without references. The photo makes the sky look more orange than it is because my camera does not like pinks. The pink strip in the midground is maybe a pond? I'm not sure it's working but I wanted to repeat the sky color somehow. I'm open to suggestions! Soft pastels on watercolor paper with pumice gel coating and at least one previous painting underneath. 9x10.
I like this. It has a lovely “soft” feel to it, if you know what I mean - soft evening light.
I think this is beautiful! It reminds me of walking across a meadow at dawn, when the grasses are still wet with dew and the birds are singing ... I want to be there! The pink area looks like a pond to me too.
Beautiful coloring Donna.
for future ref; I would drop the far clump of bushes down about 1 inch and the big climb viewer left down by 2 inches. That would stagger your land masses and improve your visual depth.
This is beautiful, Donna! Love your palette here, and the misty, tender look of this. I'm sorry your camera isn't cooperating with your pinkish sky, but it still looks lovely to me. Shooting certain colors for the web can be very frustrating. :(

Your pink strip does look like it could be a shallow pond that's reflecting the sky. It's such a small part of the painting that it's not asserting itself a bit. This is just lovely to look at. I would love to wander through here in the evening! ❤️

Wonderful piece!
Thanks Penny. Soft evening light is what I was going for so I'm glad I got that part right!

Thanks Kay - I had a brighter reflection on the pond but it seemed too noticeable. I need more practice with water.

Wayne, I must be missing something. What's the "big climb viewer" you're referring to? Thanks for your thoughts about moving land masses around - very helpful!

Thanks Esther.

Thanks Terri. I bought this camera (Canon Rebel XTi) specifically for taking photos of my art. The white balance has been adjusted but it continues to wash out pale colors. I guess I'll leave the pond alone then.

Thank you Cindy.
That makes sense to me, Wayne. I was afraid I was lacking in some artist lingo. ;)
This is wonderful. I once painted for one year without using any references of any kind - very challenging - but I learned a bit about how the mind/visual memory works. I called the process Meme-Aire -- painting from memory. I wrote a paper about it, that I'll never find now, but maybe I'll re-create some day. Anyway excellent work.
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So beautiful! So soft and mysterious, it's wonderfully atmospheric. This is definitely the kind of picture everyone will see their own way. To me it's it's early morning and I don't see a pond, just trees and meadow.
Donna, I agree with the early morning crowd, but then I'm an early morning person (4:30 AM here). Your peace is showing! It's beautiful, and so inviting. I see that pink glow, not as a pond, necessarily, though it could be, but as a reflection of the sky--maybe from heavy dew. Beautiful piece.
It's beautiful Donna. I love the muted, soft effect. It gives it an early morning or late afternoon atmosphere. ❤️