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I love the look of anaglyphs without the red and cyan glasses (and bald men bowling) so I painted this:
acrylic on 12"x12" panel.
Thanks guys. I especially love vintage photos of bowling. Several people have commented that the bowler looks like Putin, which surprised me because I used Yul Brenner as a reference.


Not trying for a likeness of Yul Brenner had the unintended consequence of rendering a Putin-esque figure.
Oh no I can quite clearly see Yul Bryner. I didn't know he bowled🙂. Very impactful painting,I like it
I thought it was German Expressionism in a modern vein, but now I have to look up 'anaglyphs'
I thought it was German Expressionism in a modern vein, but now I have to look up 'anaglyphs'
Thank you all. An anaglyph is a type of 3d imagery that uses red and cyan lensed glasses to decode the image. Was used in a lot B movies back in the day. Without the glasses you see two superimposed images with cyan and red ghosting and a lot of purple and green.
An anaglyph is easy to make with photography but near impossible to impossible to create with paint. But I also like the way anaglyphs look without the glasses - and without having the burden of actually making them work as a 3d image it is possible to paint one.
This however, is not a good example of what a non-decoded anaglyph looks like other than the palette being reminiscent of them.
Thanks Bongo, I just did not remember that term in connection with 3D images even though I went whole hog for 3D photography with a Stereo Realist camera and projector, which I still have someplace. A pity the David White camera Co. no longer makes them; I wondered if there was something in the digital camera world that is comparable; but I have not been able to find anything.