Fall Paintings


oil painter
Two last ones. Oil on canvas and oil on paper. The first one from last week got surprised by snow ❄️ storm but was almost done so all good.

20x30 cm, oil on paper.

Thanks for looking, C&C welcome. 🍂 🍁
These are super. Love the fall colors and the way you paint in real size. I never think to try that. It should help the size on the canvas a lot and show perspective easier. Thanks for reminding me.
Arty, thanks. Your right, paths can give smth additional to a scene where there's not otherwise much happening. I'm glad to be back here (again), l seem to disappear time to time. I'll post more pleinairs soon from last yr.

Triduana, thanks. There's so much fall beauty around us waiting to paint it or at least giving it try.

Jo, thanks. I didn't do sight size but in the path painting objects just happened to end up in the design "the same size". Sight size would be the way to do it but I believe my easel is not really meant for sight size. I have tripod and pochade box. Although, I'd like to do sight size.
These are both so nice! I like how the evergreens makes the beautiful colors on either side pop in the first one. It's like they were placed there on purpose in case anyone ever wanted to paint fall trees.
What beautiful work! Excellent display of fall colors, and your workmanship is also on full display here. Great job!