Faces of Man - a short series

My underlaying question behind all these drawings is 'What does Jesus Christ's face look like?' So I explored with my sketches, but to no avail. Perhaps the face of Man is simply Everyman who is authentic and true _ not some masked face of deception.

Anyway, here is my simple montage.

Wow! What a great series. You put a lot of work into this and I thoroughly enjoyed all of them. Thank you for sharing the series as it came alive. ♥️
hmmmm.... #30 appears to be Bad News, #31 looks like Wanting My Coffee
and #32 might be Best of Show: Gobsmacked.

Glad you found what you wanted.
I have come to the end with #30, but I drew another two for a montage idea that came to mind.
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I meant to comment earlier, that facial expressions are highly dependent on context. Experiments have been done when people were shown face(s) with neutral expressions followed by (or preceded by) horrific scenes, melancholy scenes, joyful scenes, etc. And the facial expressions were interpreted appropriate to the scene.

Something actors are well aware of.