Experimenting with pastels.


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Here's my first experiment since finding the pastels. I’m really not set up for this right now so it was done on an A6 sized piece of computer paper.
I found that mounting it on corrugated cardboard doesn't work very well so the next one will be on something flatter.

Also I have no real fixative so my next experiment was spraying it with Krylon varnish to see if that would work. Results yet to be seen.
This is awesome for your first little scribbles with them! Bravo! ♥️

Do you have hairspray?
Thanks Arty but its not really my first time. I played with them back at the end of grade school start of middle school a little. They were just messy and didn't stay in place so I stopped using them. Lol
And nope. No hair spray to use.

Thanks Sno.

2 coats of the varnish has sealed the sky in but the heavier black areas still leave a mark on my finger when touched. Not sure if that's normal or not but I'll try hitting it again.

This was the next attempt. Its also 6A printer paper and I eliminated the lines.

It was hit with a can of spray on damar varnish.

Next up while watching the game today I did these 2. They're on 3x5 note cards and used both pastels and a charcoal pencil.

All of these so far have been based off copyright free images.
Second attempt looks good and I like the two sunset pictures a lot. Pastels will usually always rub off, the fixative is to keep them from falling off, that is why they are usually framed under glass.
beautiful, then it is a medium that always intrigues me, I was wondering long ago with which sheet you could start using, I really like a6 or a5 sheets, they are the sketchbooks I have
Thanks everyone.

Sno I’m starting to see this. Looks like it will be a pain storing them if I don't want to frame each one.

Joe the A6 size worked well but the paper I had was too flimsy so I moved to the thicker notecards. With good paper I'd probably go just a tad smaller then A6 so I can fit them in a 4x6 frame.

Enyaw probably not. But its ok for just playing with the medium. The last one I also kinda like. Next time I'm able to place an art order I'll get some pastel paper and fixative.
Put a piece of wax paper/glassine or just tissue paper between each one and stack flat.
That's what I've read.
Right now most of my small paintings go in a binder with clear pages. The bigger ones lay in a pizza box but it gets moved around a lot. My understanding is that I'll need a more permanent place to store these so they can’t slide around especially considering that I tend to work in different sizes.
These are truly lovely 16ga. I really like them. Yes, please invest in some good materials, as you are really good at this medium. You can get some flat files to store them. Though they are quite expensive, I think Ikea might have a cheaper version of them.
These are all so pretty! I also think you're doing great with your compositions, which is certainly something I struggle with.

Keep up the good work!

These are all so pretty! I also think you're doing great with your compositions, which is certainly something I struggle with.

Keep up the good work!
I can't really take credit for the compositions. These are based off of copyright free pictures.
Ah, I see. I've certainly done the same with photo references! They can be a great help.