Experimenting with ink splash and ball point


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not what I expected .. very interesting as Sno says .. it will be even more interesting to see where you end up after you've had enough splashes to make a judgement .. The first is by far my fave ...
I love these! Wonderful effects ... I just love the feathers in the first one :)
Beautiful work! Intricate details, and your soft colors are just dreamy. ❤
I like them all but my favorite is the first. Love the results you got from the technique.
Thanks all, kind words although I’m not happy with it yet. I have a similar 16 x 20 I’m struggling with so I’ll post that eventually—had to walk away for a bit 🙄
I honestly am just working pretty intuitively but with an idea of subject. With the floral, I splashed down color with a flower in mind and went looking for it. The raven with the blue behind the head had some blue and back splashed on a vague pencil shape of a raven and the blue behind the bird was added last. The other raven was pretty random but I think I had ravens on the brain, so a subconscious intent I suppose. Splashed blue and then black which I blew and patted. I do like the use on that of black pen on light colors and white (gel) pen on the darker colors.
Ah! hi ,yes I know I've been completely quiet so far . Busy with trying reincarnate creatively with a new drawing method in the face of physical & especially motivational obstacles. What is art? about etc. Then I saw Scamells work on this thread,I just had to comment - Special ! just because it is so creative -That's it ! That's what I used to love about art & that's the shape of the void that's been left in my heart.
Now I am reminded of the value of that sadly now endangered beast , the art forum ! There is genuine value in both seeing the work of others, sharing my own & discussing art work in some depth on occasion.