Exit14 Offramp In April Rain


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An early try when I was still trying to figure out what the definition of 'abstract' in painting was.

18x24 acrylic & tempera on paper


blurry photo
I’m still looking at it!
I’d frame it with a white mat and a simple narrow brown wooden frame, all under glass of course.
Wow ! Thanks to all for such encouraging comments!

All I was looking for at the time was for somebody to tell me that this was, or was not, an abstract, and why. Had I the benefit of your kind comments then, it would have saved a lot time and doubts.

ARTY - Thank you, I will take that to the Bank.

PSA - Thanks, I didn’t know what subject I was painting until the end as I was adding the ‘raindrops’, then the title just came to mind. Glad you got it .

SNO & NUFOCUS - As I sort of said, I am a little taken aback at the enthusiasm of such knowledgeable artists !
Thank you both so much.
The problem now is that I will have to find the original to follow your advice.

This all made for a great Thanksgiving ! Hope you had the same.