Exercise in hatching

P. Barrie

Well-known member
24” x 18”, graphite on white paper
From photos / WC photo Library
The bold dark lines from the graphite pencil prompted me to approach these using line and hatching. Could have used an ink pen as well.

Nice. Look especially at Van Gogh's drawings and Durer's prints for examples of masterful use of a variety of hatching.
Thanks. yeah, I’ve spent plenty of time looking at Van Gogh. His landscape drawings in ink are inspiring.
I once made some crude quill type pens from some invasive bamboo type plant that was growing in my back yard. They worked OK but wore out quickly.
Very well done Patrick. You have achieved some very good tones with hatching.
Excellent. I was going to say the same thing about the first one reminding me of Van Gogh's drawings. These are wonderful!