Queen Bee

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9x12 vellum bristol.
I started this six months ago while I was in the hospital. Finally finished it Wednesday.
This is stunning. I like the technique so much! ♥️

I'm sorry you were in the hospital. Hope you're feeling better.
Thank you. It is pencil.
Excellent graphite work, Deborah! I like your shading and all those perfect elephant wrinkles. ❤️

Glad to hear you are well enough to have finished this piece. I'm sorry you were ill enough to be in the hospital.
Thank you Arty and Terri. I am feeling better. It has been hard to get motivated to get back to doing art. Have a problem with that sometimes when I am healthy. The recovery for heart bypass surgery is long. This is the second time in 3 years I have had bypass surgery.
Lovely pencil work. Happy you are "arting" again. It is hard to come back after a lay off. You have to re-learn so much and it takes some playing to get the muse back. I like the elephant.
Very enjoyable. I can just feel the trunk curling and uncurling! What is excellent about the wrinkles is just the right amount, with varying thickness.