Elephant Wire Sculpture Commission

Your instinct to not include the eyes are spot on. For me, your sculptures are truly magical. I think I said once before, I could see them in a book, with little stories about them
I remember you sharing this thought, which is something I always meant to thank you for, CaliAnn! Just over the past year, I have begun to include short short stories with my sculptures. I don't do it for commissioned sculptures like this elephant, but the rest all have a story to tell. It was inspired at least in part by your thoughts about it! Here is an example of my sculptures with their stories:

Rhino 9.jpg

It’s really about the bird. Do you see it? This brave and brazen little bird has dared to tame the mighty rhino, perching, easy as you please, right on her magnificent horn.

The rhino? She’s tickled pink! She always wanted a pet.

Here's one more (all the sculptures in my website's shop have stories):

Mouse & Cat 3.jpg

Now, this is dubious. See, it has become quite a debate whether the mouse and cat are friends, or if the mouse has conquered the cat. Surely, a mouse couldn’t…? Surely, a cat would never stoop so low…? Answers must be sought!

I have these tiny tales adhered onto little wooden tiles that the buyers take home with them. So thank you very much for inspiring me to apply creative writing to my sculptures as well. It's a little soon to see how people like them, but I'm hoping they might spark imagination and creative thinking in the viewers as well. :) Thanks again for your wonderful comments!