Drummer Jokes

Dave Woody

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Okay, one drummer joke...

How many drummers does it take to change a lightbulb?

Answer: I don't know, they didn't show up.
Dave - Fun piece!
Ayin, I heard it is only one, but it takes ten broken bulbs to realize they don't just push in.

Anyway, three musicians and a drummer walk into a bar. . . . . .
Joy, that's a bass player joke. Bass players are known for being not so bright, guitar players conceited, and drummers flaky. ;)

Your second joke is funny, but it's pretty insulting too. :mad:
Certainly did not mean to be insulting, as sarcastic humor often can be. I would imagine bass players may be insulted by jokes that insinuate they are not very bright. Try this: What is a drummers' fave place to get pastry? A Ginger Baker-y! (I hope you are not too young to get the reference.) If that's offensive, I give up. :)
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I didn't mean I was seriously insulted, hence the joke about bass players! (I shouldn't have added the made face ;) )

I am not too young to get the Ginger Baker joke. From your picture, you look much younger than me. ;)
That is why I don't use a lot of emojis, as I was genuinely concerned I insulted you. When I saw the "mad face" and made the Ginger Baker ref, I hoped I wouldn't get "Creamed'. (The youngest on the TV series My Three Sons used "creamed" as a euphemism for getting in trouble.) And my birth year is 1960.
You look great for being just over the six-owe. That's an awesome pic! You are a bit older than me, but I've been with someone for 24 years who was born the same year as you, so I get all these references. I actually didn't like that TV show, but I have seen it lots of times, though it was probably in reruns by the time it played for me. I was born eight years after you. My parents were the same age as everyone else's grand parents, so I always felt and behaved a lot older than my peers and was often better friends with their parents! (I understood them better.)