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This is the second painting that was juried into the "Celebration of Artists" art competition, that I entered. It is a 16" x 20" Oil on RayMar Canvas Panel, and I titled it, "Downtown".


"Downtown"....Oil on RayMar Canvas Panel

I used a painting knife, only, for creating the final layer of this subject. It is interesting that I first painted it with a brush, and when I had completed that, I then went over it with further paint, using a palette knife, only. No "spontaneity" represented here--just a lot of careful planning, and observing.
A very appealing painting, Bill. I like it a lot.

I think the kinfe work is about as "neat and tidy" as any I have knowingly seen.
Excellent technique you have here. And a very effective painting - I love the treatment of the people. I do city views quite a bit, and I often try to abstract them when I think they look too realistic. Maybe I should try your palette knife idea.
Looks great Bill and I would have never guessed it was your work, it is so different from your usual style. :giggle:
Looks great Bill and I would have never guessed it was your work, it is so different from your usual style. :giggle:
Y'know, Sno......Every so often I get some sort of "wild urge" to try some method, or genre, that is new to me, and it's usually with the idea of just having a load of fun doing it. Sometimes this results in what are for me, some unusual paintings.

But, here's the interesting part: Sometimes I enter these into the local art competitions in which I take part, and very often I will actually receive an award for such an effort. That makes me feel good, but I just hafta' laugh when some piece for which I've used a new method for the first, or second time receives an award. To me, that just goes to prove that many of these "styles" are quite learnable, and teachable, if someone such as I can do it for the first time, and receive an award, or a sale. I do that my merely looking as someone else's art, and virtually emulating the appearance of their style. I do not copy their actual art, nor do I even copy their method.....only the APPEARANCE of their art.

I do not believe in all this speculation that so much of that kind of art is "spontaneous", or has to have some "deep, psychological meaning, or "inspiration". It's just a painting that I did by observing, and following the general appearance of some piece of art that I may have noticed, and admired.

So, yes, Sno, it is different for me, but that's the fun of it!
I think all artists are different. Some do work spontaneously and some work does have a lot of deep psychological meaning and from visceral inspiration. At the same time, it can also be from observing. It like having a toolbox of so many things and using them all in a cacophony of flinging paint.