Don't you Hate it When ...


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Don't you Hate it when... Sometimes I have one of those moments at ANY stage of my creative process. But I will kick of with these couple of recent "moments" when the air turned blue.....
I hate when I put a painting on it's board, up on my easel to check something etc and the board slips off the clamp step onto the shelf crushing one or more pastels to powder..... Or, a stick rolls off onto the floor and the soft Sennelier shatters to a million pieces..... Just saying.
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Sennelier pastels are such a treat. However, I feel your pain when the little clouds crush to dust.
I had a recent problem with pastels, the huge Blick store in Chicago changes location, and they no longer carry all of the sticks.
So when I went there with my list of needed pastels, they didn't have half of them in stock.
I usually do it when I'm working with watercolors, so depending on the color or how much paint was on the brush, I'll still drink it too. The alcohol is a good solution. I'll keep some Baily's nearby or something. ;) (YUM!)
There's always some dummy trying to ruin things, right? :ROFLMAO:
yea ... like (true story) here. I was at a gallery trying to get in the door and the owner said to me something that went like this. You know you have no talent. Look at the painting over there. That's talent. You see how they got purple to act as a shadow. Man that is good. I tried to an artist but I didn't have it either so I opened up a gallery. Well, sorry I couldn't help you but you just don't have it.
Now don't you hate that when something similar happens to you?
Don't you Hate when you are out with some watercolour tubes to paint outdoors .... You are squeezing the little expensive tube of colour to get the most out of it. Out comes some media and no colour ... Or worse, you realize that it's coming out of a hole in the other end cos it's been mangled so much !!!
... when you are picking up left over paint and you pick up your patch of white: only when the knife puts in upside down on your wax paper do your realize you forgot to clean you knife from the last wipe ....