Don & Liz. State visit 2019

Dave Woody

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50cm x 50cm cheap canvas. Acrylic.
Melania, Donald, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles on the red carpet at Buckingham Palace, 2019.

I have decided to send this picture to the Queen.
The creative bit are the letters I will include. I hope they will convince the Royal Guardians to
accept the artwork and maybe even solicit a reply from Her Majesty. I am just taking a chance, taking a punt.

The letters I plan to include can be seen below.
A couple for the Admin staff, explaining why I have sent the pic and what it means,
and one is for the Queen herself.

No idea if I will get anywhere.
Enjoyed this one. I was brought up in the U.S. (Berkeley) where I graduated from Cornell (it was an Elementary School, not the University :)) and was only taught the English spelling of words, not the American. odd but true.