Do you bake?

one other vegan thing I tried once was agave syrup
Big Yes on the Agave syrup. It tastes to me like a blend of honey and maple syrup. It's expressed from the Agave plant with no industrial processing or additives, only filtering. It's now in the bakery section of grocery stores. My wife used to use honey in her tea, but now prefers agave syrup for it's flavor. It's also less expensive than honey or maple syrup. It's a cultivated plant in Mexico and is the sugar base for Tequila. :)
The best cornbread I think I ever had was from a soul food restaurant in Cleveland, of all places. If I could remember the name of the place, I would most definitely tell you SLG, but it was more than 20 years ago.
Those cakes look so yummy I miss baking cakes, a few months ago our oven broke down. Haven't baked since then. Seeing your cute cakes brings out joy. Keep baking!