Dawn Mountain (Working Title)


Started this one yesterday and working more on it today. Oil on canvas, 36 x 36 inches.

You've got a good start on it already Arty and I love the color of that mountain. I'm painting today too, good on us! :giggle:
Love the orange pink and blue. Will be interesting to see the relationship of the hinterland when the foreground is in place.

We had a patchy internet over the weekend.
Thanks guys. I'll keep ya updated. Not sure exactly how it is going to turn out. Just have the rough here as you can see.
Thank you Bizzi.

I have put a few more hours into it this morning. Standing mostly, which is stupid considering I have a chair! I don't know why I'm not using it. I have my caddy full of paint sitting on top of it instead. :rolleyes:
Thanks laf. I actually had a lot to do on it. I will finish it tomorrow I think. I put in more than eight hours in today. I'm wiped out. I'll try to take a new pic of it later after I rest some. I decided I have three colors left for tomorrow: teal, scarlet red, and more pink. Today I did some greens, golds/yellows, blues, reds, orange, and white. It's starting to look a bit different now.
I thought you said you didn't work fast! You've made a lot of progress! It is looking great. (y)
Thank you Sno. I don't think I do work fast. All that was eight plus hours without a break. I'm wondering if today may be just as many, but I will try to finish it. I have to squeeze in an appointment today too, so we'll see.
A pleasure to look at. I especially like the area "behind" the mountain--the near to---->fading landscape and sky.
Oooo, I really like this. Nice variety of patterns and shapes. Interesting and that's good.
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Thank you John. I appreciate it. I am still wondering if I will be reworking some parts of it, or maybe I will just move on and forget about it.
A mix of realistic and abstract. I love it. You said you weren't sure if you like it.... look at it for a while and it will grow on you. :giggle: