Cube, Ball and Pony Toy study


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I experimentally tried to paint it with only white blue red and yellow since theoretically you can make anything from that. I think next time I'll just let myself use the burnt-sienna. I would usually make black-ish with some burnt-sienna and blue and I found it took a lot longer without that. There is a little bit of "sparkle" on the pony's mane. I dabbed some iridescent white on it. I bought that iridescent white thinking "iridescent" just meant it would be extra super white, didn't realize I was literally buying a tube of glitter :mad: So I'm always on the lookout for something legitimate to do with it.

I like this pony toy for values study because it's mostly white. Unfortunately that brilliant purple was also not really something I could get across with my red-blue-yellow-white. I know there are tricks you can use to make a color look more color-y by juxtaposing it with its complement. I'm not experienced enough to make that happen yet but I will keep at it.

Inadvisable color choices aside I meant this mostly as a practice of values and form and I think I did pretty well on both of those so I'm happy. It's only my 6th painting ever on a "proper" surface (in this case canvas board 12x10in).

Preliminary studies: form, values (also featuring "how do I cube? dangit" *quickly googles perspective tutorial*)


Shapes and proportion are great. Yes you can use the 3 colors to form most, but you need normal white too and is lot more effort. The highlights I try to keep them unpainted, even the best white will the background reduce the brightness.
The thumbnails look great! The type of red/yellow/blue matters a lot though. I don't know how much you know about color theory, but everything you learned in primary school was probably wrong. For color mixing, it's all about pigments and not "colors" as such.

Lol iridescent white. You could try painting that glitter over top of regular titanium dioxide white (pw6) for extra shimmer. Most mica/glitter colors like that are almost transparant by themselves. They're meant to be mixed into or layered with regular colors.
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I love this, especially the fact that you use a limited palette. Let me get this straight, you didn't actually use glitter, right? This is painted to look like glitter, yes?

Excellent little piece! ♥️
Beautiful study. I love how you demonstrated your understanding of the forms. Nice values and colors too.