Cooper's Hawk


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I did this when I was thirteen. The nare (nostril) is in the wrong place (it should be much lower down), but still, she's got that maniacal Coop look. Coops are unique to North America; they have no Old World equivalent. Like all the true hawks, they have yellow or red eyes (in Coops the immy's eyes are yellow, the adult's blood red), short wings and long tails. Unlike buteos, such as the red-tailed hawk, or falcons, they have no fear of plunging into dense cover in pursuit of prey. Though not quite as agile as their smaller cousin the sharpie, they can still fly into a stand of trees at top speed in pursuit and leave not a vibrating twig in their wake. Their reflexes are almost incomprehensible to humans.

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No old world equivalent? How about the eurasian sparrowhawk? It also has short wings and does bloodcurling acrobatics in dense vegetation to pursue prey. Sounds like the same modus operandi.
Looks like you were quite a prodigy at thirteen...(y)