These are some of the rough compositions I have for my bag pieces so far (next 5), but like I said in another thread, I'm still on the fence about making them all. Well, maybe I am leaning on the side of making them. I just don't know how I feel about them or how I will feel about them when they'll be completed. I should probably just stop all my hemming and hawing and make them and move on.


Here's the two I finished again:


I do like that first one. The second seems to want something (words maybe) in that center. Third one I like and fourth doesn't seem finished to me. Pink circle wants words. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. :)
The pink circle is going to be patched with various different pink fabric. That was the plan. The top is darker and it goes lighter as it goes down. Thank you for your feedback! :)
Arty, I love this work because it seems to, or could, speak to something about these times without being all obvious and in your face. But that’s only my impression, based on the fact it’s a grocery bag.

I have some nosy questions about them if you care to answer.
Thank You.

Is each bag being deconstructed the exact same way? Is this acrylic and how are you getting them to look so smooth, or opaque? Is there a ground of some sort underneath the colors to help? Are you stitching onto them too, or is that “painted on” thread? I’m also wondering if you had a thought about incorporating fabric? Would paper things and fabric things even mesh well on this surface? And finally, I wonder if you had a thought about having cut out shapes anywhere on them? For some reason, my brain is demanding a HOLE...but maybe covered with a clear “window” acetate or nylon or, or, or......?

Please do that.
Thank you.

(Kidding. They’re pretty great as they are, so I hope you carry on...)
Oh never mind! I see you’re discussing how you did it over in another thread. Will read there....

Buh Bye.
Thanks Olive. That gives me a lot more confidence. Yes, it's acrylic, fabric, and thick manila paper and I did stitch into the bag through both papers. The window Idea is a thought. Or maybe I like the hole, no plastic or nylon. Maybe screen?
I can only understand the two finished pieces.
They remind me of Olmec/Maya carvings, African statuettes, Eskimo totem and Hopi doll figures.
I like them.