Cold and Quiet

Donna T

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This is done on a surface that I had previously added texture to. It was a disaster at the time but I thought it might work for this one. I used a sketch, some written notes and memory of a favorite woods for reference. One of my notes said to "keep the mass of the trees" so I tried not to break them up too much. I'm not sure it works and I certainly welcome any thoughts or advice. Soft pastels on 300lb watercolor paper with pumice gel. 11x12in. Also if any Mods see this 1. Is cross posting to another forum allowed? 2. I have tried to add a line about C&C under my signature but it doesn't show up so if you can
help me I'd appreciate it.
Donna, this turned out beautifully. I love the colour you rendered into this has such a soft cool appearance. The lead in path takes me right into the scene and that stand of trees at the forefront really works so well for added depth against the darker background forested area. Excellent work.

What a beautiful piece of work ! The colour in those trees (and wonderful mass of trees) is outstanding. The field in front of the woods looks exactly like frozen grasses or grains. The whole thing is atmospheric, dreamy.....and....brrrrrr.....cold ! I love it.
Esther, thank you so much! Maybe I'll play around with texture again - it's kind of fun when your pastel stick hits it. I can't see my C&C line but I'm glad it's showing up for everyone else!

John, I'm glad you like this. I was afraid it might come off as too cold and uninviting. Thank you!

Thanks Wayne!

Kate, thanks so much for such a kind comment! I'll take dreamy any day.
Wow this is beautiful. Love those soft colours and the cold atmosphere. :)

I can see your signature line too - are you using a mobile? (they don't show up on a mobile, but do if you turn it sideways)
I think it turned out good. I like the subtle contrast between the three trees in
front and the ones behind.
Also if any Mods see this 1. Is cross posting to another forum allowed? 2. I have tried to add a line about C&C under my signature but it doesn't show up so if you can
help me I'd appreciate it.
1. Yep! Post away! :)
2. It shows for me, as your signature line. I do know that sometimes our signatures don't show up on our phones. I'm on my laptop and there's no issue; it's there.

Beautiful piece, Donna! Pumice gel for texture can be fun. Your piece worked out great!
This is lovely . It reminds of the woods near my hometown in England .
Oh WOW! I absolutely LOVE this beautiful work. There are aspects of it that remind me of a special Klimt painting I had seen at MOMA (I think it's called the Park maybe?) and it's completely green, but it has a kind of glittery sheen to it that makes it seem like magic. This has that same kind of quality to it. Just gorgeous! ♥️ ♥️ ♥️
Beautiful texture, and the palette is wonderfully atmospheric. For me, I'd perhaps prefer the front stand of trees to get more lost into the background. It feels a little like you didn't trust the rest of the painting to stand alone, so added something that'd read more clearly. That's what I always do when I'm not confident with what I've got, but, of course, I might be completely misreading. Just wanted to let you know that you'd successfully captured a gorgeous scene, even without the more obvious trees at the front.
Thanks so much for such encouraging comments Kay, Perry, Terri, Queen Bee, Jo, Patricia, Arty, Bart, redfox and triss! I appreciate them.

Arty, Klimt is a favorite of mine too! How did he paint like he did?!

triss, you are 100% right about the reason those trees are there in front! I never think a few big shapes are "enough" even though I admire artwork that is about simple shapes. Lack of confidence for sure. Thank you for your thoughts!
A wonderful, beautiful painting IMHO.
The foreground trees seem essential to me to give the scene depth and gives a more inviting feeling than without them; just me.