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Just a simple little cloudscape. 12"X16" oil on copper sheet.

copper cloudscape.jpg
Thanks Trier and Nufocus. The colors are showing a bit garish in the photo. The camera seems to be picking them up much different than in real life. I'm going to try to get a better photo today.
Yes ma'am, just put the last strokes on it Christmas morning. Thank you! I'm going to try to get a better photo of it today.
I took another photo of it but I just can't keep the camera from picking up the purple too strongly. It just seems much too garish on the monitor.
Well actually I am taking them in my exercise room, which is a sun room and has very bright natural light without the sun glaring in.
Well, it's so beautiful despite how the colors are turning out in the photo. I tend to take mine outside in the shade to get a more accurate of the light.

Not to be a stickler...I sure don't want the same thing to happen as what did in the thread with Trier, but can you not call me "ma'am?" I know you probably don't mean anything by it, but I still am not correcting people about my gender and it just feels like I am letting it go every time I don't say anything. I want to feel like my identity matters in some way.

If you still refuse to call me my proper pronouns--they/them/theirs (and that's your choice), then we're dealing with something all together different and not an oversight.

Thanks sno. ❤️
That is pretty Bongo but much too desaturated. That was the trouble I had. I messed with it in photoshop for ages and could never match the color to what was on the canvas. But thanks for trying.
I'll give it a shot ;) but that has always caused certain colors to pick up too strong too, especially anything in the blue family.