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8"x10" acrylic on canvas board
I don't do many abstracts and I am pleased with this
but would like other opinions I'm not sure about the
green area in the middle.
I like those colours very much. The adjacent red and green complementary colours make it very vibrant.
Great color! I like the shapes and it's a very pleasing composition. And yes it looks canyon-like. Naming it "Canyon" does make it more literal, but that's okay because who doesn't love a beautiful canyon? You got the palette down pat. I'd like to live there. :)
Certainly evocative of canyons, but to my eyes also of megalithic structures. I guess we're talking rock walls one way or the other. Nothing wrong with the green. In fact, that compliment adds depth and interest.
The green looks fine to me.
This is the kind of work that appeals to me, a balance between realism and abstract so that it can be seen and admired both ways and as a whole.
I like it.
I like this, too! Your colors are beautiful. ❤️ I have no problem with the green. We typically think of those more distant, background colors as moving towards cooler blues, violets or grays, but your olive-y green here is certainly moving there. It looks natural to me. I find it beautiful!
I like this a lot, Perry. Your shapes could be anything, not necessarily land masses. Skyscrapers after eons of erosion? Rows of teeth? I never know how to name abstracts. Are we supposed to give people a clue as to what we were thinking or name it something totally random or just go with "untitled?"
Well I guess it's a thumbs up on the green.
Thank you all for the kind comments.
I do mostly representational art but there is a sense of freedom
in doing something like this (along with some anxiety at the beginning)
I like this very much Perry, it really draws me in. I know you painted it as a canyon, but my brain is seeing other completely different interpretations (which I think is a big part of good abstract art). I also give the green areas a very definite thumbs up, I think they are actually quite important in the success of the composition.
Thanks Hawk. Like Donna mentioned, the name is only a clue to
my idea for this. I did make a crude thumbnail sketch prior to
painting and the outcome varies a little but it was my starting point.
No. I'm not familiar with many artists. I'll check her work out.....thanks.
This is a good one, Perry! I can't add anything that hasn't been said, but I agree that the muted green makes for a subtle complementary throb. Nice!