Broken glass, broken dreams??....



Acrylics on board. From last year. I think it’s around 14”X12” or so. Cheers!

Wonderful expression! (and I love the reds in this). I guess she doesn't like her cherry tart or whatever it is. Or was she stood up? The pattern on her shirt is superbly done. Oh I just noticed the broken glass (duh, the title...). Was she mad enough to break it?
this is ..... This is something I wish I had painted.
Love it...

So many aspects to it....subject, technique, meaning, falsehood.....
This has a warm beauty about it that somehow says that things will end well.
Excellent, Nufocus.
Such great remarks! We have a relatively small crowd here, but it’s a great crowd!! Thank you so much!
Yes, it has been dying out kind of, but that's okay. You always get a lot of comments though--maybe people come out of the woodwork just to come see your work! It's worth it!
Nah. I'm not posting as much as I used to, or trying not to anyway (I have my reasons, mainly don't want to be the only one posting a lot), but I just posted something that has something to do with you in the Oils forum ;)