Bridge Play 1


This is oil, paper, and thread sewn to a raw linen canvas, 40 x 30 inches. Still not the best photo. I need a new camera. Mine took a crap. This is a cell phone shot.

Is this finished, or will you add more to it? I really like the colors you are using and I always like the added stitches. (y)
The green and pink make a pleasant collision. Not sure about the light blue smudges over the dark blue as it seems to capture the eye and hold it. It's yours, that's for sure.
Thanks sno and Enyaw. Yes, I thought I was done, but Wayne, maybe you have a good point. Now I am in doubt about those smears. At least one of them. I threw the palette away. Maybe I need to fish it out before it dries.
or just solidify them with a solid as in the rest of the painting .... just a thought ... you just didn't have enough paint on your brush :rolleyes:
I had plenty of paint. It was purposeful, but now I am doubting my decision about it, so I have a small window to think about whether or not it was a mistake. :(
Don't pay attention to me. Every artist goes their own way. If it doesn't bother you, no biggie. It's yours, until it's sold.
beautiful, and I find it relaxing to observe, and as they told you, I also agree on, beautiful, pleasant the colors you used
Amazing how that one tiny change made the whole thing look more finished and polished. Well done! (y) ❤️
Thank you trufflecat, I'm glad you like it. And thank you Joe. :)

Yes sno, isn't that strange and great? It's funny because I wasn't sure about that spot either, but when Wayne pointed it out, I knew it was off if someone else was also noticing it. I decided to keep that other spot though because I do like it. There are a lot of lost details in the photo where the colors are different and you can see obvious brush strokes, so it's not as eye-catching on that blue/light blue "smudge" as one might think. That other spot I fixed though--I agree that was off and it looks much better now. It attracted too much attention, especially to what is underneath it (another painting with a bunch of stitched shapes). That part was a face. Now it's upside down. I figure it's okay that it's somewhat revealed.

Thank you very much Katie. ♥️ Been a little nervous getting the second one started, but also preoccupied with other things.