Black and white and a little more #3



Oh well, what a Saturday morning can make one do!....
So here’s one more done with the same self adopted restrictions and another piece of loose canvas....
Something along the line of the artist and his (non existent) muse.
I like this one too. I like it because the face below looks like it has doggie ears, and I love doggies.
After reading Arty’s comment I decided to do mere work on this piece. I hope it’s improved.....
This is my favourite out of the three and love it outside of that, too. The face top-middle is like an Emily Dickinson figure. Soon as I saw the figure below I was reminded of a so-called Art brut carving where the face and body are one. I looked for it to no avail. Love it!

Why do you find
After a given time
Our intimacy wanting
And must forever
Escape it?

(Part of poem)
I was going to comment on the first one that you previously posted, #1, when I saw this. The first had an air of a call to action, as if he was suddenly called to meet a challenge and he was rising to meet it head on.

Here, I think the second one with the modified face is an improvement over the first version. Even though it has the same color scheme as the original post, it has the feeling of being not of the physical world but totally mental. Two entirely different worlds described with the same color scheme; Great going, IMHO.
Arty, no need to apologize. Made me work a little more, see more faces in the mess, get rid of the those triangles that did look like ears. Kept me away from Netflix for a while longer!!...
Sno, yes it does have a Halloween aura to it, thank you. I do have another one that did before Halloween last year and called it Halloween. I’ll post it shortly.
Iain, great!! Thank you.
Trier, I appreciate your comments. Always. Thank you.
Oh, forgot to mention that some of my works (perhaps this one too) are influenced by Frank Auerbach - one of my favorite artists.
I think you did improve it with your second version, 1 because the third person (4th and 5th?) is now visible making it all more complex, and 2 because the spot of color is more noticeable and the 'dog ears' turned into wild hair. So it's more identifiable, not necessarily more realistic, and thus just more interesting. Love the expressions on the 'main' characters. She seems surprised and maybe a little terrified.