Autumn Leaves


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This is an 8 x 10 watercolor on Arches 140CP.

Joy, all I can say is WOW!!!!! I love the shapes, negative space, highlights, etc. Just beautiful.
Beautiful work! I just love those warms reds and the soft background. Love how the front leaves stand out with the shadows behind.
Oh wow! I think you might not like it when I gush, but WOW! This is a beautiful piece Joy! Excellent work. I'm dazzled! ♥️
You all are too kind! This could look fresher in person, and I have a tendency to use too much or too little masking fluid. But I do like the colors. The encouragement is greatly appreciated.
Bart just said it all. :)

Terrific work, Joy - I know you're good with watercolors, but you have a little masterpiece here! Just beautiful work. I'm blown away.
Absolutely stunning work, Joy! Soft edges, hard edges and glorious fall color!