Art and Humor

My problem is that I like almost all of the ones mentioned, except for 3 or 4 of them. Before I say which composers I don't like, I'd like to hear from you guys first.

I pretty much like every composer in this video. Of course, I like some more than others. The composer I like least is Schoenberg... but there are some works I do like by him... especially the Gurre-Lieder. Honestly, of the 2nd Viennese School, I prefer Berg and Webern. I joke with Brian about Brahms... because he's never been able to get into Wagner (gasp!)... or any opera for that matter. But to be honest, I love Brahms. They really should throw a few curveballs into the mix: Gesualdo, Tōru Takemitsu, Tan Dun, Osvaldo Golijov, Charles Ives, Josquin des Prez, Palestrina, Guillaume Dufay, György Ligeti, George Crumb, Arvo Pärt, Scriabin, etc...
I feel that digital design maybe a bit different. I do love to work with numbers and spacial arrangement. Currently, I am working using my creativity. I find all the art work to be hilarious.