Aqua Marine Dream


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18" x 12" oil on hardboard

This reminds me of a painting I did a while ago, but I like yours a lot better. There's a dynamic, spontaneous feel to this painting, plus the asymmetry is powerful. I like the colors, too. I'll post mine in a separate thread so I don't detract from this one. Maybe you and others will have some ideas on how I can 'loosen' up a little, to make mine more spontaneous.
Very nice. That splash of pink is unexpected but works really well. I like it. (y) ❤️
Good one Bongo ! It has that seashore on a summer night ambiance, for me anyway.
Thank you thank you. This painting turned into a learning experience for me on how to blend with oil paint.
Nice piece! Love the colors, and yes, the unexpected splash of light.
Yes! I love that bit of pink with the black. It's really hard to do night scenes and you are so good at it. I'm so impressed. I feel like I'm walking along the shore in this with my shoes off, and no one from the daytime will bother me. Total peace.