Anyone else have trouble finding this site?


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Since it would be a good thing to get a lot of members, I hope it is easier to find than when I was searching for it.

I got a lot of hits, but they were all for some sort of educational program or site that had the same name or slight variation of same.

After multiple searches and entering the name on the browsers address bar, I eventually wound up here, but it wasn't easy.

I hope it was just me, just due to incompetence or search engine difficulty, but if not, then we should maybe do something about it for the good of all. Maybe things have improved since I searched, whatever.

I don't think we've done any SEO for the site yet, but we will. We've been working on my site and one other, and there's been some changes that are about to take place on some code that Google reads for php (a database query code). Mjp has been spending his off-work hours trying to get that under control for the other sites we run before July, but this site will eventually get worked on for SEO. No worries. If there were more hours in the day, it would have been done by now.
You may not need to much if any SEO to get noticed. The big 'G' used to have a 6 week rota of indexing. That may have changed. Check the server logs for 'googlebot' or similar.