Another from England. Hi all.


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Hello everyone! My name is Claudia and I'm from Sussex, in South East England.
I am very much an amateur and learner, with no formal art training at all.
I mostly use watercolours and coloured pencils, and occasionally collage.
I'm keen on landscape and nature subjects, and I'm just starting out with portraiture.
I'm just coming back to art after a break of 18 months or more (I was really busy with needlework projects during that time so the artwork lapsed!) so I need lots of practice to get back into my groove!
I look forward to chatting and seeing everyone's artwork.
Welcome, Claudia! We're happy to have you joining us. :)

It sounds like you have several media you like to use. I'm looking forward to seeing your work.
Hi Claudia! Welcome along. Love your avatar!

If you're interested in wildlife subjects you should check out the Wildlife/Animals forum: there's a monthly challenge where there are a series of reference photos to choose from. The challenge for November was posted today. :)
Hi Hawkmoth (Claudia), welcome to the site! I look forward to getting to know you and seeing your work here. Make yourself at home. :)
Welcome. Glad you joined us. Looking forward to seeing some of your work. You could post some of your needlework in Fiber Arts and Fashion forum.
Thanks so much for the warm welcome everyone! My avatar is part of a coloured pencil drawing I did in my nature journal, of 4 British hawk-moths. This one is the Spurge Hawk-Moth (Hyles euphorbiae). There are several other species I have yet to draw.

Thanks for the tips about the Wildlife/animals forum and the Fiber Arts and Fashion forum, I will check those out and get involved. It's the start of a new month today so plenty of time for a challenge or two!

Thanks again for your kind welcome.
Welcome Hawkmoth!