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I guess chalk me up as another WetCanvas refugee. I was never a prolific poster over there and went long periods no-contact so I don't suppose anyone will remember me. My username was prismatoid. I used to be mostly on Drawing and Sketching. I think I might have posted on Digital Art a few times? Hadn't been on there for a long while, checked it out on a whim and, well... I'm not that surprised at what I found! I've never seen commercial buy-outs of online communities go well, not once.

I'm disabled (tl;dr Brain Stuff). Always had ambitions to do illustration/comics but it wasn't possible. Now I'm getting some actual medical help and the old dreams have resurfaced - so I want very much to work on basically every aspect, drawing/painting, composition, perspective, work from reference, from life, imaginative work. I am doing SO MUCH BETTER on everything medicated it's kinda unfair! Poor past me tried so hard for so little. Never had the chance to go to school for this so aside from a few life drawing and other little drawing classes I'm self-taught amateur.

Mostly I draw in pen, I can do pencil but I don't like it much because it's messy and you have to fix the pencil with spray and all that guff. I have to have as few roadblocks as possible to stay focused LOL

I like watercolor but I'm terrible at it because I can't plan ahead very well so mostly I just use it for putting color on sketches.

I get on better with acrylic. I'm not grown-up enough for oils but maybe one day! (I have a little oil starter kit that was gifted to me gathering dust but I'm way too scared to open it)

Main "thing" and the one I'm probably best at is digital painting but I have come to the conclusion that I need to do less of that because I'm worried about getting carpal tunnel/RSI from death-gripping the tablet pen :(

please accept watercolor sketchbook boids as offering of peace and friendship


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Hi drizzleweather. Beautiful bird paintings! And I can totally relate with the oils set that hasn’t been tried yet. Lol!
Hello. I love your bird studies above.
You can work with black or color ink and brushes too.
Welcome, drizzlewither! I just love your crows. Very nicely done. Glad you have joined us!
WELCOME! ♥️ I agree with everyone about your crows: truly fantastic! I love them. We are glad to have you here. I am disabled too. Where are you from? I work with artists with disabilities in my state in California. I am also self-taught. Nice to have someone here that also lives with disabilities. What is tl and dr? Sorry I am not familiar.

Looking forward to seeing more of your work! :)
Thank you all!! Happy to be here. I do miss the old days of forums everything social seems to be on Reddit or Facebook or (shudder) Discord now. I was happy to find this place with some life in it!

Classic - I have a bottle of "frisk" drawing ink and some dip pens that haven't been used much at all. It was nice to draw with the pens and then use diluted ink with brush to shade, that's much like how I do my sketching with fineliner pens and then brushpens for shading. Difficulty for me is mess/planning ahead/clearing up afterwards and that has always put me off because it's a HUGE obstacle for my wonky brain. But maybe it will be different this time. Inktober is coming up and I am tempted to try and make a thing of it with the dip pens again. I've never completed an inktober.

Artyczar - "tl;dr" sorry that's tongue in cheek internet lingo. "too long; didn't read" if someone writes a long verbose post they might put that at the bottom with a brief summary of salient points :)
Welcome to the site.
I'm also disabled. I think there are more disabled artist out there then people tend to think.
Drizzleweather, welcome to you, glad you found this site, and I love your crows! InkTober21 is coming soon and I’ve not yet decided to do it again.