And I Looked Down At The Tattletale



11 x 14 oil on panel .. Alla Prima ..
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A beauty Wayne. The directions of the knife strokes are great, not to mention the palette.
Your titles always grab me! :LOL:

The knife work here is wonderful to look at. Loving those bright bits of blue. Gorgeous!
I like the expressive knife work too! Is there a story lurking somewhere around or beneath it that hints at the title?
thank you Arty
.. I only wish I could understand it more but if I ask myself enough times I will see ..

Thank you Trier
.. I ended up somewhere that you are, in the area of art .. not sure how I got there but it was a nice layer

Thanks Terri
.. a secret: if you follow from the top of cap and travel down to the bottom of the container without stopping but looking along the way: when you get to the bottom a world being flooder opens up and as you swim your way back to the top ther's trucks and cars, a fence and a farm, and then you cross the line and end up in a different world .. careful when you swim and dont swim alone 😇

Thank you Donna .. Yes, simply read my reply to Terri and then realize how an old rusting jug could tell such a story so bold from memories of old.

Ps .. layers .. yes, but all wet into wet .. Alla Prima, my way .. as I don't know any other .. self learned.
Nice warm and cool colors Wayne.
Just curious......did you use the same knife or did you vary sizes and shapes?
Great colour palette with those brilliant swipes of blue - wonderful texture on the jug. I love the story - though it did make me twist my head to some funny angles to try to travel into your flooded world.
Thank you Triss. Sort of like the old 3D thing where you look intentlt and your vision changes as your imagination makes things based on shapes and color.m
I agree with Triss on the head twisting thing! Love the knife work as always. I bet this is really interesting IRL especially because of the 3D effect.
Thank you Susan. Yes, the subtle glazes and textures add another dimension.
Just go top to bottom on a horizontal. Your mind will adjust. Just like reading a page.