Amazon Says Art Prints sell Pesticides!


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I already did Pesticide training for selling my art prints on Handmade at Amazon, now they are telling me I have to do it again.


This might be it for me there! Their contact form is nearly impossible for custom work, very hit or miss. I swear I spent more time assisting potential buyers than I did painting.
Yep. And I'm not selling insect prints or anything that could trigger a bot to think I'm selling pesticides. I had to take training for it last time, and you had to actually pay attention to what the laws and regulations were because you were tested later. I tried to go through support to get off it, and they couldn't take it off.

Maybe their bots think my cat prints have fleas????
Exhibit A : The tyranny of the PC controllers.

Maybe they will think you need 'sensitivity' training in Siberia.
Dang. If that's the case your best option is to stop using them. Otherwise you will regularly have to do recertification.
Did their support give any idea why they think you're selling pesticides?
Hahahahaha. Support had no idea. I guess I can wait and see which ones they deactivate. Doesn't it seem the longer we go down the road of technology, the stupider it gets? I saw where FB took down a photo of onions because they were deemed sexual content!
It's just the world we live in Robin, Facebook banned me for 2 days once for posting a kitten's face.
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